Barbora Adamonytė-Keidūnė

Product designer Barbora Adamonytė-Keidūnė, Master in product design, graduate of Vilnius Academy of Arts, 2016. The designer mainly works in the field of small-size design objects, such as dining items and houseware that facilitate household. The works of the designer have been awarded with RedDot Design Concept Award, Good Design prizes and other awards that incite thinking, creativity and further idea development.

Dalius Razauskas

1984-1988 Studied at Kaunas High School of Applied Art, department of glass, Lithuania
1988-1993 Studied at the Vilnius Art Academy, department of design, Lithuania
2007-2010 Studied jewelry design in gallery “Darijaus papuosalai”
Since 1993 interior, furniture, industrial and jewelry designer in Vilnius, Lithuania.


Inesa Malafej and Arunas Sukarevicius have been working together since they began their design studies at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. In 2012, while continuing their studies at the Royal Danish Academy, they started their own studio, entitled “etc.etc.” During the past two years, “etc.etc.” has already been working for several brands in Europe, an accomplishment recognised by industry’s prestigious “IF” and “Red Dot” awards.

“In our work we hold a deep respect to the crafts, traditions, and evolution of every object. Together with this we are constantly looking for the next step in making them new, better, different, adapting it for today’s environment, technology and society. 
We believe that design should enrich things, making them matter”

Marius Valaitis

"I am Marius Valaitis. Graduate of Kaunas University of Technology, faculty of Design and Technologies.
Ability to create is what inspires me the most. It is an amazing feeling to realize a sketch into a real physical object and I enjoy it every step of the way: sketching, selection of the material, production and the final presentation. I believe that every creation has a piece of the creator and therefore I want to be part of the creation as much as I can” 


Rasa Balaišė.

Design Master‘s degree at Vilnius Academy of Arts in 1993. The founder of RASA deSIGN brand Rasa Balaišė is a highly versatile designer. She creates furniture, lighting and accessories. Also she creates and implements interior decoration projects for private premises and public spaces. For more than a decade Rasa has been actively participating at national and international exhibitions and collaborating with numerous architects and producers. Currently Rasa immersed herself into mass production projects. 


Silvia Ceñal

Silvia Ceñal was born in San Sebastián in 1985. After studying a Technical Ingeneering in the University of Basque Country, she extended her knowledge in Groningen (Netherlands) and Florence (Italy). After a short period working in different studios, she increased her know-how in furniture design at IED in Madrid. In 2010 she continued her career at Stone Designs Studio, working with Cutu Mazuelos and Eva Prego. After four rewarding years at Stone Designs, she has learnt that design goes way further than the mere construction of furniture. Every experience in the diverse projects in which she has participated has helped her consider different perspectives when creating a design. These projects go from the interior design of offices, restaurants and stores to furniture and lighting. With the aim of growing professionally in the design world, she has started her own journey. The first step was creating her first line of products, based on the knowledge acquired during her short professional career. These new creations are inspired in the wood's warmth and simplicity and the color's joy. Her eagerness and aim to go a long way in the world of design make her work every day with the same motivation than the first one. Nowadays she works with companies of furniture and lighting sector such as Lithuanian company Emko, Portuguese company Two Six, Spanish companies Lufe, Massmi and Oi Side.

tore (3).jpg

Tore Bleuzé

Young and versatile  industrial designer. He received his M.S. degree in Industrial Design at Howest, University College of West Flanders in 2007. Over the past 8 years he has worked as a designer on projects ranging from multidisciplinary academic research through to creating new products for several companies. He developed 'design to connect', an online joining methods inspiration database for designers. Also he organised several editions of 'shaping matter', an event and exhibition on innovative materials in Belgium. In 2013 he started 'studio obi-one' where he combines freelance design work with personal projects. With his personal creations he tries to combine functionality and simplicity to create honest and affordable products.


Whynot is a team of freelance designers with over 10 years of experience designing products in various markets.
The team has extensive expertise in the field of product design, in all its phases and aspects using an analytical and creative approach. 

Whynot designers have collaborated with some of the most prestigious international brands in various market sectors, from consumer products to those for professional use.

The first goal of Whynot is to build long-lasting professional partnerships with companies in which design plays a significant role in enabling the achievement of structured and ambitious goals.