...a core Triangle, stable base, where each is playing equally important part. 

E is a founder, entrepreneur. As long as she has extraordinary ideas, she will run for them. Until these ideas become the truth.  

I is a tactician. It does not matter how far or near the target is. After task is set, every single step will be evaluated and the best course chosen.

A is a developer. He is spending hours by solving most difficult constructions, dealing with unusual finishing or convincing young designer that impossible is nothing, it just depends how many efforts you put.

There are more of us today, we are happy to expand EMKO team with people having fresh and valuable look at our targets. As well as meeting extraordinary personalities while developing our projects: every day we feel new emotions, we have new experiences, we learn remarkable points of view, which help us to improve ourselves and the targets of EMKO. Here, with this Blog, we want to share these emotions with You.