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“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing”  D.B. Carnagie


EMKO vereint junge Talente zu einem modernen Unternehmen, das neue Trends im Wohndesign kreiert, präsentiert und vermarktet. Wir machen Holz zu Möbeln, Textil zu Teppichen, aus Metall und Glas entwickeln wir Leuchten. Wir setzen all unsere Anstrengungen, unser Können und unsere Leidenschaft in die Herstellung von schönen Sachen. Wir stellen heute für morgen her.

Unsere Mission ist die Produktion von Möbeln, die mit ihren Besitzern eine langjährige Beziehung eingehen. Es sind einfache, doch intelligente und humorvolle Produkte, die schnell zu Ihrer Familie dazugehören werden. Sie sind zuverlässig, gesellig und natürlich, sie ermuntern die Menschen vorwärts zu schauen, begleiten sie in ihrer Arbeit und Altern in Würde. EMKO-Möbel sind Begleiter ihrer Lebensgeschichten!




  Naïve Low Chair   etc.etc.

Naïve Low Chair


  Naïve   Stuhl    etc.etc.

Naïve Stuhl


  Naïve   Barhocker    etc.etc.

Naïve Barhocker


  Naïve   Hocker    etc.etc.

Naïve Hocker


  Naïve   Esstisch   etc.etc.

Naïve Esstisch


  Naïve Beistelltisch    etc.etc.

Naïve Beistelltisch


  Pill   Dalius Razauskas


Dalius Razauskas

  Foldin   etc.etc.



  Schreibtisch MWD   etc.etc.

Schreibtisch MWD


  Schreibtisch MWD  Special Edition   etc.etc.

Schreibtisch MWD Special Edition


  4.9   Marius Valaitis


Marius Valaitis

  Step Up   Tore Bleuzé

Step Up

Tore Bleuzé

  Teppiche   Why Not


Why Not

  Macaron Leuchte   Silivia Ceñal

Macaron Leuchte

Silivia Ceñal

  SUNrise/set Leuchte   Barbora Adamonytė-Keidūnė

SUNrise/set Leuchte

Barbora Adamonytė-Keidūnė

  Aye Aye!   etc.etc.

Aye Aye!







September 4, 2017

EMKO new collection is coming to Paris!


August 28, 2017


Life as we know it is a revolving cycle around the Sun. Since the dawn of time, the Sun’s stages shaped the way we interact with the world around us. The skies have become a mirror to humans’ ancestral ways, tied to our well-being, our emotional balance and everyday life activities. Crisp bright blue mornings followed by the red-orange-purple of the sunsets give us energy and joy. On the other hand, a few days of grey cloudy skies or months of short winter days and our mood begins to shift. It doesn’t take much to feel under the weather. 

Add to that the modern life style, which has slowly pulled us away from the Sun’s natural cycles as we have moved our activities towards the indoors, inside closed spaces which have shut off our contact with the elements, and our longing for the natural benefits of the Sun increased.

Created during the dark Lithuanian winters comes “SUN-rise/-set”, a lamp that puts the Sun’s colours in the palm of your hand. Winner of the International exhibition Furniture 2012 from Vilnius and the Red Dot Design Concept Award in 2014, this interactive object gives its user the possibility of choosing the right colour palette to suit the desired mood effect according to the moment of the day or personal preference, by gently sliding the light source over the coloured panel. It brings the vibrant and refreshing coolness of bright mornings inside your office or the warmth of cosy evenings to your living room.


August 24, 2017

Aye Aye candle holders

Aye Aye!, created by etc.etc. design studio, is a fleet of rugged, round and bold iron cast candle holders inspired by the time of adventure and discovery, when the enthusiasm of the Industrial Revolution revealed the world to travellers and fortune seekers. 

The fleet is composed of four sizes – from a small tugboat with one funnel to a hefty steamship with four big ones. All navy-themed colours are available: red, blue, black and grey. Each funnel is designed to fit either a tea-light candle for cosy harbour light or a taper candle as a pillar of steam. 

Aye Aye! vessels can be combined in any size and number and create various themes that will be easy to adjust to different happenings and backgrounds. One narrow piece will look pleasant on a window sill and distract the solitude. Aligned in a row the pieces will resemble a naval fleet, lighting a fire within. Scattered on a dining table the vessels will seem to sail into an archipelago of plates sparkling good mood for conversation. Because of its shape and mental connections Aye Aye! family feels dynamic although it doesn’t float allowing for any composition, let it be carefully made or left over from last night. 

Drawing its inspiration from Industrial Revolution the Aye Aye! family is iron cast and powder coated for its colours. Additional space around the candles acts as an extra safe-zone. A ship is a safe island in an ocean and Aye Aye! is a safe place for a fire at home. Being iron cased the vessels are quite heavy, therefore, stable and hard to flip (not on water where they sink like rocks). Each vessel is sturdy as a rock and a bold design item yet simple enough not to become distracting. 

The Aye Aye fleet revokes nostalgia like a candle holder should. The feeling grows stronger combined with the beloved marine theme. As a result Aye Aye! is an universally appealing design item which, through personalized selection of shapes, colours and combinations can be tailored for individual taste and lifestyle.


August 21, 2017


28 Mar. 2017

Press release

EMKO says hello from Milan!


This spring we are happy to announce about being present at Milan Design week and even longer, much longer. EMKO was kindly invited by the Archiproducts to join their Design Hub for valuable members and could not resist the opportunity to be among the bests in Tortona district, starting the 3rd of April.

“Milan is fabulous! All the Design companies desire to be there, and since we had this opportunity, there were no hesitations”, - explains Erika Markovska-Mikulskiene, the founder of EMKO.

Therefore, for whole year starting the beginning of April EMKO products will be available to visit at via Tortona 31, Room no 2. The visitors will have the opportunity to “meet” the first product of EMKO which is still on the top of the sales My Writing desk, also the modest but unique Naïve chair as well as it’s bigger brother semi-bar stool. Furthermore, one new product of EMKO getting huge attention from all over the world – Pill will be there. It’s something special, something hidden, something for your personal items to be safe.

“We are very looking forward to come to Milan and install our products there. Also, all our team will be present at the show for the first few days to talk with visitors and get some feedback, it is very important to us to get in touch with consumers of EMKO products, so we can keep working in the right direction. But, frankly, I am sure, people will fall in love with them!”, - smiles Erika.

A thing to remember: via Tortona 31, room no 2, starting with 3rd of April, open for whole year EMKO products exposition is looking forward to meet every Design lover!


Inga Markovska
Sales executive,
+370 614 18759
2017 03 10, Singapore


Aug 31. 2016

Paris - we are coming back!

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